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Irena Ossola professional cyclist was involved in a terrible and unfortunate cycling accident on November 10th in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A driver - blinded by the sun - did not see her in time and he crashed the 29-year-old cyclist.

She suffered serious injuries and had to be airlifted to the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque.

 4 days later, her family published some positive news at her social media for the worrying friends of Irena:

"Luckily, Irena is making a remarkable recovery. Her brain is working so hard to regain its original capabilities, but at times it goes into a "confused" mode. She says things like "andiamo" (let's go) and when asked where, she says "Varese", a town in northern Italy where she grew up and where the 2008 UCI World Cycling Championship took place.
Or she says "give me a fork" (for what?) she says "pasta". This morning she stared saying "where is my bike ?", or " at the nurses' station they must have a bike!", and then "doesn't anyone have a bike at the nurses' station!", "I have to finalize the bike ride", (what bike ride?) "I don't know the name but it's a very good one". Irena is talking about the 2nd SantaFondo which took place on the 18th November!"
Irena's bicycle accident had exactly the same dynamics of the Italian professional rider Michele Scarponi's accident with both auto drivers blaming the sun in their eyes for causing the accident. Unfortunately for the very beloved Scarponi, he was not to be blessed with Irena's story of survival. For this, her family would like to express the deepest affection to the family of Michele Scarponi.

We wish Irena a lot of strength in her recovery and that her environment will stay as supportive and helpful so she can continue to get better day by day!


Irena Ossola



Veel beterschap Irena Ossola!

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